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Karachi - Travel the Iconic City of Pakistan!

By Mutiba Kamal, Posted on 25 Oct, 2021 at 07:17 am

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Karachi Travel Guide

Living in the sub-continent, it’s quite rare that someone might have never heard of this populous city of Pakistan ever in his/her life. Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan (in land area and population-wise too), is famous as ‘the city of lights’ probably because this place never sleeps! There must be shops, restaurants, playgrounds, street food stalls, etc., operating even after midnight! The place keeps alive 24/7. You can even plan a late-night dinner here in any restaurant, and you'd easily find it operating after 12 am!

This place is all hustle and bustle throughout the daytime as well as in the night! There are several places one can plan a break from the hectic routines of this city, of which booking hotels in Karachi for the weekend is one of the best choices one can ever make here! If not in the mood, you can also take a relaxing tea break here at any Dhaba (roadside local tea shop and tuck shop).

Things to See and Do in Karachi:

Before we start off, let’s dive in deep to know what amusements and amenities call us here in Karachi!

What’s waiting for you in Karachi?

It’s not something new to tell that Karachi is the largest city with a hub of restaurants on every street corner! But except all that, there's something that most people might ignore, and that is its diversity of races prevailing in the K-Town! The partition of the sub-continent in 1948 played a major role in creating a diversity of people here, carrying all those racial castes from India to Pakistan.

The restaurants here serve the best local spices, and the tea here is phenomenal! The local dish of rice called biryani, having many variants, is best served here all over Pakistan, and while touring this place, we recommend you to must have a plate of it!

Places to Visit in Karachi:

Even though this city is mainly urban with so much going on and off throughout the day, there are some places to visit here in Karachi, too, which are mentioned below:

Historical sites:

The best famous historical sites here in Pakistan are the Mohatta Palace constructed in 1927, which is a traditional stone palace built using pink Jodhpur stones having a luscious park along with it, whereas the Frere Hall is a 19th-century phenomenal landmark with a garden formerly a town hall now a place for exhibitions of many cities or you can visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral for its stunning architecture and history!

 Museums and Art Galleries:

Tour this sprawling city for its museum history and local artworks in the National Museum of Pakistan, Pakistan Maritime Museum, Pakistan Airforce Museum, and the Clifton Art Gallery serving some of the best information of the whole nation and the martyrs.

 Sea Views:

Travel along the beautiful bays of the sea here in Karachi, having beachside places to opt for. You can go to the French Beach, Turtle Beach, Cape mount, and so much more to see the beautiful Arabian Sea! Book Karachi Hotels nearby or any temporary hut for the stunning beach bay views!

How to Get Around the City?

Even though you want to travel to this place so badly, we suggest you be patient with us as we're delivering you everything you might need to have the best trip here! Read on below:

 Via Carpooling;

You can have the best personalized travel experience here in this city via a fine carpool service of Uber and Careem. Having to pay whenever you ride at the end of the trip has made things hassle-free here!

 Via Bus Transportation Services:

You can also opt here for its bus riding services and choose from SWVL or Airlift bus commutes! The services provided here are comfortable, and the transportation here is air-conditioned.

Best Hotels to Book for Your Trip:

Now that you’ve got an idea of where to go and how to travel, we’ll set you up for your stays here in this megacity of Pakistan! See below the writer’s picks for budget luxury stays of Hotels in Karachi here:

Avari Tower Karachi

Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan

rates from USD 0.0

Having phenomenal reviews from the natives here, this hotel is just 15 km apart from Jinnah International Airport and is mainly known to serve spa and fitness center services, minibar installed in every room, currency exchange, laundry, tennis court, business center services, and a restaurant serving many local in international cuisines!

Beach Luxury Hotel

Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road Beach Luxury Hotel Bea, Karachi, Pakistan

rates from USD 0.0

Featuring splendid views of the sea and located just 19 km apart from the Jinnah International Airport, Beach Luxury Hotel is mainly known for its 4-star luxury of a gym, outdoor pool, and restaurant cuisines, especially its seafood.

Karachi Marriott Hotel

9 Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan

rates from USD 0.0

Wanna get your hands on the celebrity treatment of Karachi? Then head straight to the Marriot Hotel of Karachi! Situated opposite Frere Hall and Park, this hotel is awarded the traveler’s choice award from TripAdvisor and is famous for its fitness center, swimming pool, state-of-the-art technology, buffet breakfast, continental breakfast, and full-fledged American breakfast options to select. Suzie Wong Restaurant here serves the best Chinese cuisines that are too hard to resist!

Pearl Continental Karachi

Club Road 75530 Karachi Sindh Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan

rates from USD 0.0

Looking for a 5-star hotel and worried about your budget? Stress no more as Pearl Continental offers you luxury at a quite limited expense. Considered as a pride of the Karachi Hotels, this accommodational site is famous for its hospitable staff and the overall room services they provide. People here have praised the breakfast, spacious room, exquisite six dining options, an indoor pool, personal minibar, personal coffee machine, and so much more! Enjoy the tempting dishes of the Marco Polo Restaurant, Sakura, Chandni Restaurant, and other restaurants serving top-notch Chinese and American cuisines here!

Movenpick Hotel Karachi

Club Road P.O. Box 3918, Karachi, Pakistan

rates from USD 0.0

Located in the Club Road of Karachi, this 4-star hotel is famous for its splendid location and serves the best city views, outdoor pool, fitness centers, luxurious, spacious rooms, banquet facilities, personal minibar, laundry, massage center, dry cleaning, currency exchange, Lebanese cuisines, and Italian cuisines at the La Mamma restaurant, and a 24-hour coffee shop service here!

Ramada Plaza Karachi Airport Hotel

Star Avenue Terminal 1, Karachi, Pakistan

rates from USD 0.0

Located in the Ramada Plaza Karachi, this hotel serves the best spacious rooms having elegant furnishing and designs, and is just a 2-minute drive away from the Jinnah International Airport! The place serves an exquisite collection of personal minibar, restaurant, continental breakfast, fitness center, in-room dining services, and so much more you can think of!

In a nutshell, Karachi is one the best urban cities of Pakistan to travel for its literature, cultural diversity, art, culinary dishes, historical sights, and so much more! It's no big wonder that why people love a permanent residence here! The amenities and comfort here are inevitable!

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